Monday, July 15, 2013

Nature Jewelry

J's a big fan of nature jewelry.  She supports all of the wildlife foundations, using the photos from their outdated calendars as artwork for glass cabochons.  She then donates 15% of every sale of nature jewelry to a wildlife foundation.

Here's some recent pieces, all available on Etsy.

Seaside  - I love the delicate 'waterdrops' of this fringe.
Family  - Polar Bears!
Pink Butterfly  - These cabs feature J's own photography, from our garden.
And, then, there's the masterpieces without art cabs, that still carry a nature theme.

Autumn Turn   The beaded detail on this geode is just gorgeous.
And, then, this recently finished piece.

Sensual Midnight  Mixes an agate cabochon with cats eye cabs and a vintage brooch.
So lovely.

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