Sunday, August 18, 2013

Inspiration: Brisingamen

The Empress, from the Norse Tarot

Scandinavian myth tells the story of the Goddess Freya.  Her search for knowledge brought her to a secret cave, which was home to four dwarves.  These dwarves were master craftsmen, each keeper of the sacred mysteries associated with their elemental names.

East honored Air, element of new beginnings, of thought and inspiration.

South held sacred the Fire of transformation, of passion.

West represented Water, the cauldron of rebirth, the tides of emotion.

North, guardian of Earth, brought forth stability, protection and the ability to withstand anything.

With these dwarves, Freya shared her wisdom of love, the greatest mystery.  In honor of this, the dwarves created a magickal necklace, “the Brisingamen”, as a gift to the Goddess.


Years ago, I heard this myth and was captured by the idea of creating necklaces that women would treasure, because the piece made them feel strong or beautiful, or both.  So often, women forget their own wonder.  My hope is that the necklaces I create bring some of that magic back. 

Added to this inspiration is my love of rocks and handwork and my disinterest in repeating designs and well, I was hooked.  I've lost count of how many necklaces I've made over the years, but I'm so happy to know that so many are out in the world, spreading love and joy and strength.  I think Freya is proud too.