Friday, August 16, 2013

Oldies but Goodies

I just re-organized all of my photos.  Everything, really, on eight flash drives.  

Look at the goodies I found:

Be Bold, circa late 1990s.  Fun lampwork and an old, painted wood earring.
Lovely agate, even prettier lampwork.  2003.
Polymer and pearls, circa late 1990s.

Paisley freeform collar.  Love the mix of blues and greens.  2002.
Old buddha pendant surrounded by turquoise cabs and funky lmapwork.  2008.
Be Blessed.  2006.  This is still one of my favorite pieces.
Lovely David Christensen glass (which I hoard!) and funky lampwork, circa 2000.
Frigga, made for a friend.  Love this artwork.  It's paired with birch bark from the tree in front of my house and stunning lampwork from Gubby Roo glass.  Circa 2004.
Phenomenal Woman.  Love this art print, mixed with word beads.  I can't bear to part with this one.  Circa 2000.
When I look at my work, sometimes it feels all over the place.  I think this is because I let the beads I'm using tell the stories.  Plus, I like that I've never done the same necklace twice.  I find that amazing, that after twenty years, there are still ideas to share.

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