Sunday, August 11, 2013

Prepping for Holiday Sales

Oh, yes, I am.


Last winter, I did one major show and one extended show at a nearby art center.  This winter, I'm scheduled for the major show once again.  I've got a better idea of what price points work for the venue and what products.  I'll be in the same space, so that will be great for continuity.  Past customers will know where to find BrisingBeads.

What I'm focusing on RIGHT NOW is lining up more art center shows.  These are perfect venues for independent artists.  Usually, the art center sets up a Holiday Market as a fundraiser, taking a certain percentage of what's sold.  The sales run anywhere from two weeks to six weeks.  As an artist, the set-up is perfect.  You drop off the product and price it.  Some venues ask that you provide sales displays, some would rather create their own.  Some venues ask for a time donation to act as a sales person.  When the sale is over, you pick up any leftover product and a check is mailed out, typically in early January.  Easy peasy.

If this is something that sounds workable for you, do a search for "Holiday Market,"  "Holly Mart,"  "Mistletoe Market" in your area.  I've found that most places will add you to a mailing list.  Submissions happen anywhere from May to October.

I've contacted art centers all over Michigan.  I'd love to find some in other states as well, so if you find any venues that accept out-of-state vendors, let me know!

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