Friday, August 23, 2013

The garden is too quiet.

The wrens have fledged.  And the garden is very very quiet.

If you have wrens, you know what I mean. 

For such a little bird, they sure do make their presence known.  Singing when they're happy, growling when they're not.

We had two clutches this year, in two different spots in the yard.  The early clutch, who hung out in the fairy garden, showed up early in May and sang their way through May, June and July.   The second clutch roosted in a nest under the pine tree, which is very close to the picnic table.  Mama bird growled every time we stepped out the back door.  Dad was more welcoming, singing from sunrise until sunset.

Until last week, when the babies (6 of them!) got ready to fledge.

On Sunday afternoon, it took the little ones about three hours to get up the courage to fly the coop.  Mama would sit nearby on a shepard's hook, calling to them.  She'd hold a bug in her mouth as a reward.

Once one of them left the nest, they all followed really quickly.

I'm so happy to have these pictures!  I just love these little birds.  They amaze me, at how they come back year after year, and live their lives with such determination.

So proud.

See you in the spring, little buddies!

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