Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Felted Bracelets

For about the past five years, I've been trying to figure out how to do bracelets made of felt.  Unaware of the wonder of needle felting, I was stumped.  Until this wonderful angel of a vendor at the Michigan Fiber Fest casually showed me the magic.

So simple.

And now, my beady world has expanded to include this:
The perfect setting for a dicro Goddess, don't ya think?
And this, using a Julsbead heart:
I ordered elastic cording in different colors, 'cause I'm not happy with the white on the above piece.  But that hasn't stopped me from felting in the meantime...
Here, you can see a hint of an old Indian embroidered quilt.  I had it in the garage a few years ago and the mousies got to it over the winter.  So, I spent a day tearing it apart and now have SO many pieces of fun!  (I may list some extras on Etsy soon.)
What I love the most about this is the versatility.  Over the years, I've collected so many little trinkets and scraps of fabric and lace and embroidery.  Now, I have a home for them.
I'm looking forward to playing more, making some wider cuffs.  Even some belts.  (I have a lovely stash of belly dance coins I've hoarded for years.)  Maybe some small purses.  And next spring, I'll set up a wet-felting space in the garage, to do some scarves and shawls.
It feels really great to be inspired again.  I love doing bead embroidery and don't intend to stop.  But little about it surprises me anymore.  Felting feels like wonder.


  1. Beautiful and colorful bracelets. You must have a lot of patience.. :-)

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