Friday, September 6, 2013

Fiber Festivals

If you saw my recent post on my new obsession (FELTING!), you may have wondered where to get the supplies to try your own projects.

While I'm still in the process of tracking down good Etsy suppliers and figuring out how to navigate Ravelry, I can highly recommend attending your local (or state) fiber festival.

The Michigan Fiber Festival is always held in mid-August, at the Allegan Fairgrounds.  We've attended in the past and the festival has been so-so.  However, this year, the festival seems to have found it's footing.  Everything was well laid out, with barns set aside for workshops and vending, and additional vending in tents scattered between the craft barns and the animal barns.

We went on Friday.  There was a decent crowd, enjoying fabulous weather.  Jaynee and I squealed our way around the fairground, finding wonderful buttons, gorgeous raku and oodles and oodles of yarn and roving.  It was a budget buster day, but so worth it.  Frankly, these are the kinds of events to save for.  And then, spend at!

I love to interact with vendors selling their own product.  When one of the vendors showed me in five minutes how to make a bead and answered questions about felting that I hadn't figured out in five years, I coulda kissed her!

I think that one of the things I love best about artists and crafters - how willing most people are to share ideas.  When asked what we were going to do with "all those buttons," everyone was so interested in how to do bead embroidery.  Frankly, I'm considering vending at the show next year.  I think if I could come up with kits, they'd go over really well.

I also came home full of color and texture inspiration.  Oh my!  So much to play little time...

A quick Google search should let you know where the nearest Fiber Festivals are to you.  I think we may head to one in Ann Arbor in October.  If I can hold out that long.  Some of that roving on Etsy has my name on it, I'm sure.

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