Sunday, September 8, 2013

I could live here.

Gypsy Caravan
I imagine myself living here.  Probably not in the woods in a cold climate, though.  Probably near a mountain stream.

I love that it's tiny, but there's room inside for storage.  That the windows are big.  Mostly, that it's portable.

I could write in here, bead in here.  Dream in here.


Definitely go check out the link.  The pictures of the interior are just lovely.


  1. I so love that people are going towards microhomes. If it can be built out of recycled stuff all the better. When the trend towards new home sizes started to reach 4,000+ square feet I was aghast. Maybe for a family of 10 (or more), but everyone that I know that has gone for these monoliths has a family size of 2-4. Maybe the pop of the housing bubble has helped people see reason. As a society we don't need more, we need LESS.

  2. Exactly. Right now, I live in a house with just under 800 sq. feet. There's two of us. We're cramped for space but use every inch. Everything does double duty. While I'd like one more room to use as a studio or office, I certainly wouldn't want something much bigger. To much to take care of and it just gets filled up with stuff.