Friday, September 13, 2013


When we went into production mode for the holidays, I also had to start thinking about booth props.

I'm not one to buy generic props.  I like the booth to be unique, because I think it helps it stand out but also because I think it fits the eclectic, bohemian feel of our jewelry.

On a recent trip to the local thrift store I found the PERFECT prop for our new line of brooches.

A fireplace screen.  For $7.  Sold.  I may spray paint it black, which would help it fit in with the dress form frames I have.  But I love the height that it will bring to the table.

Bracelet display is another problem solved.  
This old CD holder will work well.  It's sturdy and has three sides, about three feet tall, to fill up with wonderful lampwork and pearl bracelets.  For $4.  And it's already black, with spirals.  It'll fit right in.

With my student discount, I spent less than $10.  Score.



  1. I am always looking for props, especially for bracelets. Congratulations on a successful shopping trip.

  2. Big Scores! That screen is perfect for your brooches. The giddy feeling of finding the right props at the right price!

  3. Take a picture of your booth, I'd love to see how everything fits together.