Friday, October 11, 2013

Sometimes, you just know

felted cuff, 2013
When I saw this big ceramic flower button at the Allegan Fiber Fest, I just KNEW it would make a pretty piece of jewelry!

I kept this felted cuff very simple, in order to let the flower shine.  And I think the colors are great for all season wear, don't you?

close-up loveliness


  1. Oh! Love that! Not being very familiar with felting...are the strings flowing across it part of the felting, or added after with beads scattered randomly? Such a seemingly simple piece, but such huge impact!

  2. Hi Shirley, the strings are from a piece of artisan yarn that I added to the felting. It's part of what I love so much about the felting process - you can add bits and pieces and make really interesting layers. Try it!