Friday, November 15, 2013

Headed to Vegas!

My friend, Ronnie, bless her heart, is hosting a trunk show of BrisingBeads Designs before the holidays.  Yay, Ronnie!

So, I had to come up with some lovelies, for the lovelies of Vegas.

What'cya think?
Bloom, 2013.
Most of these still need to be edged with beads.  I think I'm going to keep the edging very simple.
Follow Your Bliss, 2013
I find that most of the felted bracelets that I'm putting together have words somewhere in the embellishment.  Maybe that's why these feels like me.  Like I'm finally doing artwork that reflects who I truly am.
Shine, 2013
I've collected bits and pieces of things for so many years.  It's fun to be using some of  my stash.
Feather, 2013.
It's also fun to hunt for new treasures, like this scrap of bullion.  Stunning.
The Key, 2013
I've even been able to add bits and pieces of beadweaving, done years ago for a necklace sampler.  And those dichroic squares.  Yummy.
Joy, 2013
It's also nice that these can come in all sizes.  The above bracelet is 6 inches wide!  Talk about a statement.  Makes me think that I could also embellish mittens, gloves.  Even fingerless gloves.  And purses.  And hats.

This one is also extra large.
Awaken, 2013
 I love love love the scrap of daisy chain on this bracelet.  I bet it's been in my stash for 15 years, something that came in a thrift store junk bag.
Rose, 2103
And sometimes, simple is best.  
Love, 2013
Or, not.  :)  (I think I might keep this one...)
Blue, 2013
But this one, hands down, is the house favorite.  The colors and the bullion are just wonderful.
Live Your Dream, 2013
So, you think these will sell?  :)

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  1. What a fun new direction for you to explore! And what a grand way to use those little scraps and oddities we all collect along the way. I'm sure they'll find happy new homes in Vegas.