Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sometimes, no dream interpretation is needed

Thursday night, I dreamed that I was with a group of people (who I didn't recognize) and we were going from rundown house to rundown house.  It looked like something out of Duck Dynasty.  I think we were looking for a safe place to stay.  But before these places could be safe, they had to be cleared of rattlesnakes.

(Caution: image of scary snake ahead.)

(Here, I should note: I have what I consider to be a very healthy fear of snakes.  Rattlesnakes, in particular.  See above picture re: why.)

So in the dream, I began to get romantic with one of the anonymous (yet to meet?) men.  It felt like there was some connection there (not just me being a slut).  So we began to get busy on a broken down couch.  (Remember, this is a dream.) 

And, in walks his mother.  Who is furious.  How dare we despoil her couch?  How dare we have sex outside of marriage!  She's holding a rattlesnake.  Shaking it at me and Mr. Anonymous, like some might shake a shotgun, she demands that we get married.

Yep.  Marriage and rattlesnakes, equally terrifying.



  1. You made me laugh! Sounds like a scary dream, but your conclusion just cracks me up. I could try my hand at amateur dream interpretation, but in this case I'm sure you know best. I'm less afraid of snakes I think.

  2. Quite the dream! The details had me laughing...hard. You are right, absolutely no interpretations needed there. Snakes are terrifying and marriage only slightly less terrifying. When we first started living together, my man would have nightmares that the bed had snakes in it. I wonder what his mom was telling him about us "living in sin" ?!?!?

  3. Oh, lord, that picture nearly made me squeal, and your conclusion made me laugh aloud. After a couple of too-close personal encounters with rattlers, I've come to believe that the only good snake is the one that's made into a nice pair of high heeled pumps...

  4. What a crazy dream! I've heard of a shotgun wedding before, but never a rattlesnake one.

    The comparison between marriage and snakes makes me laugh, because the snake in the photo kind of looks like my mom (Mr. Sequin's mother-in-law) when she's angry. I have such an urge to give the rattlesnake a little word bubble that says "I SAID DECAF!!!"