Sunday, November 17, 2013

Yes, please.

I have a thing for outside showers.  Yep, call me a bohemian.  But fresh air just FEELS so good.

When we re-did the bathroom a few years ago, we put in a new window in the bathroom.  And, because the bathroom is so small, the window is right in the middle of the shower wall.  So, we added tint to the window to obscure the view.  And then, the closest neighbor put up a fence.  So the backyard is much more private.  In the summer, at least.  When all of the foliage is in place.

Doesn't matter to me.  'Cause as long as it's not below freezing, I'm showering with the window open.  Although, I'd much prefer this:

Sigh.  A little corner of heaven.

I'd even clean the soap scum from this...

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