Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas at Wings

Whoo-hoo!  Let the fun begin!
Crowd shot of Wings show, 2012
This weekend is the big Christmas at Wings art show.  A gazillion booths (300+, I think), two gazillion shoppers.  Hopefully, many many appreciative BrisingBeads Designs fans.

We're in the Annex again this year.  Nice.  It's the go-between spot between the main arena and the smaller arena.  A little port in the storm of people, if you will.  Meaning people can actually spend time browsing before they're crowded out of the way.

Also, convenient to an under-used bathroom.  A+.

Here's us last year, at the show:

That lovely booth banner?  We forgot it when packing up.  This year, we won't.
Today is set-up.  I'll try to add photos later.


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