Saturday, December 14, 2013

I Made It!

Yes.  I made it through one of my busiest semesters yet. 

And, now, I have a really long list of fun stuff to do over my three week break.
View from the new kitchen window!  See the gazebo and wrapped picnic table?  That's where Baby, the homeless Tom-cat hides out.  It's taken us six years to be able to sit within two feet of him while he eats.  He loves his turkey lunchmeat.
I'm sure shoveling white stuff will be part of my adventure.  I'm looking at the shoveling as an endless (seemingly) source of exercise. 

So the list, in no particular order:
Clean my bead table!  And my stash drawers.
List stuff on Etsy.
Play with polymer.
(I need to make some buttons for my felted bracelets.)
Make polymer molds.
Make some stamped cards.
Re-work some necklaces for ME to wear.
(I have a few pieces that I love but no one else seems to,
since they haven't sold in a few years.
Now, they're mine mine mine.)
Play with pearls.
(I'm starting a new line of necklaces and bracelets.
With inspirational quotes.
Because I LOVE quotes.)
Find quotes. 
Try to learn to crochet.
Make niece's wedding jewelry.
(More pearls!)

A sample.  Very simple design.  Lovely pearls.
I have some academic stuff I have to do as well - finish my syllabus for my Spring class, do some paperwork for a travel grant, work on Comprehensive Exam reading list (gulp.), and order books.

We were going to paint the kitchen a new coat of lime green...  going to.

Skylar needs some play time, instead.

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