Friday, December 27, 2013

Inspiration: Amsterdam

Several years ago, when my brother and sister-in-law and the buddy-nephews were in the Army and stationed in Germany, my mom and I traveled to visit them.  Such a wonderful visit.

And, since all of my grandparents hail from the Netherlands, and Mom's dad grew up in Amsterdam, Mom and I took the train from Idar-Oberstein to Amsterdam.  We spent three days/two nights in the city, went to the Ann Frank house (awe-inspiring) and took a wrong turn into the red-light district (my excellent sense of direction failed me.  No, I was not drawn down that street by the aroma of pot.  Really.)  (Did I mention my mother was with me?)

Amsterdam Flea Market

One of the things that I wanted to experience was an Amsterdam Flea Market.  Since it was early November, I did not expect to find flower bulbs.  But when I saw this, I knew I had to find a way to get her home.

I'm fairly certain she doesn't originate from the Netherlands, but the vendor spoke only enough English to haggle with. Although I didn't do much haggling.  I was too entranced.  

Meanwhile, my mother was shopping for these, which she thought were wonderful autumn themed socks that would be a great Christmas present for my brother Jeff.  (Mom had NO idea what she was buying.  I, however, about fell down laughing when she showed me her purchase.)

These were quite the hit at the family holiday party.
Did I mention that the statue weighs about 10 pounds?  Not light.  Not easy to carry, especially since it couldn't be strapped to the suitcase, given the cobblestone streets of Amsterdam.  We did so much walking (and laughing), that my blisters had blisters.  We slept on a really uncomfortable bed that slanted to the left so that there was more mother-daughter closeness than intended (it's not that the bed was slanted.  The whole hotel was slanted.  And about 10 feet wide.) 

Here she is, on Jaynee's antique table, next to the pottery Jaynee made for me a few years ago.
The statue is now one of my treasures.  A memento of a wonderful trip, a special time with my mom, of an adventure that I often long to embark on again.  She reminds me that dreams do come true. 

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