Monday, December 16, 2013

Really, Why Not?

Jaynee and I did a big art show the first weekend in December.  Lots of fun, decent sales.  And so so so many women who have themselves convinced that they either aren't worthy of beautiful jewelry or that they aren't special enough to feel beautiful.

I don't get it.

I lost track of the times I heard "Oh, I could never wear anything that pretty," or some variation of this.

I repeat.  I don't get it.

And, this disbelief in a woman's innate wonderousness and majesty scares me. 

Somehow, women have been convinced that beauty only comes in one form and is accessible to only a few.  As a Gender & Women's Studies teacher/scholar, I could share all sorts of reasons WHY this happens (and why it's not true), but as an artist who makes beautiful things with the PURPOSE of enhancing women's beauty, I'm saddened.

It's more than being a certain size.  Or what a woman looks like.  It's about how she feels.  Way too many of the women we spoke with at the show thought it was shameful for them to want to buy something pretty for themselves.  Or said that they had no place to wear a pretty necklace or bracelet.  As if their ordinary lives don't have value, aren't special enough to warrant feeling fabulous.

I don't get it.

And, I do get it.

Because the primary messages that women receive is that their lives don't have value.  (Hello, Congress and your disregard for reproductive rights.)  Women are told that their pleasure comes through the relationships they have with others, rather than their relationship they have with themselves.

I get frustrated, because, really, what are we waiting for?  Permission?  To value ourselves?  To pamper ourselves?  To live lives that make us joyful.  Not just content.  Joyful.

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In the spirit of promoting beauty and joy, I'm making these my blog themes for the upcoming year.  Along with Wisdom Wednesdays and beads and felting and whatever else I get into and cats.  ('Cause cats KNOW all about beauty and joy.)  I'm going to work on ways to empower women to feel beautiful and joyful.  To know that they don't have to wait for permission from someone else, but can CHOOSE for themselves.

'Cause, really, if we only live once  (and I'm not convinced we do), why not enjoy every moment?  Celebrate the beauty.


  1. Every time I read your posts, I want to yell the very eloquent, "Yeah! What she said!!!"

  2. I'm with you and Christine -- how can we model a joyful life for our children or others around us, if we don't allow ourselves that joy? I hear the same thing you do at shows, and I'll say things like, "You know, this looks terrific with a fancy dress or a t-shirt and jeans, and it can really make that trip to the grocery store an event!" If it's not enough to nudge them into giving themselves permission to try something on, it at least wakes them up a little bit. I like your idea for joyful empowerment -- I look forward to reading!