Monday, December 2, 2013


So much to do!  So little time!

Since ALL of my jewelry backstock is out for sale at other holiday shows, I've been working furiously to replenish my stock before my biggest holiday season show, held this coming weekend.  Keep in mind, this work gets done when I'm not writing end of semester final papers (Two of them, 20-25 pages), grading, teaching, and still attending classes which require books to be read.  YIKES.

(No.  I am not a masochist.)  (I may/may not be sane.)

These pieces are "in progress."  Meaning - hurry up, Skylar!  You are running out of time!

Love this polymer stamped cabochon.
This also needs to be finished.
So do these...
Yes.  In my insanity, I'm letting go of some of my prized MakuStudios pieces. 

Tired, yet?

I have about a dozen more, lounging on the beadtable.  They know that they won't get completed in time for the show.  They're cool with it.  Me?  I'm delusional.  I still think I can finish them all.

(Cue insane laughter.)


  1. That second to last! What a piece!!! These are all beauties, but that one just really grabs me.
    Delusional? Maybe. But it will be fun anyway!

  2. Good luck. The thing about working with seed beads is it takes a long time to finish anything- and moreso if you want a beaded neck strap.

  3. Bwahahahaha!!!! I'm with Christine -- that second to last one is a real show-stopper. I'll be sending you good beading/reading/grading/writing vibes over the next few days!