Friday, January 17, 2014

AZ bound!

Oh, yes I am!

Flying away today, to the bright blue skies and towering mountains and WARM(er) Arizona.

A view of Quartzsite bead and gem show tents, 2013.
Jaynee and I saved all the money we made last year from bead sales in order to return to AZ this January.  This year, we may not lose our beady minds with the plethora of stones.  (Maybe.)  But I know we'll enjoy the blue skies and clear air and the stars in the big ole night sky.  And the coyotes calling to each other.

And, the beads.  And rocks.

But mostly, I need my Sally and Jim time.

Even the beads are secondary (a distant second) to Sally and Jim time.


  1. Have fun, would love to be going to AZ!

  2. Have a wonderful time -- there are many of us living vicariously through you on this trip!