Friday, January 10, 2014


Glue.  I can't do bead embroidery without it.

I've tried.  Trust me, I've tried.  I don't like the idea of adding something potentially toxic to a piece of art.

When I first started doing bead embroidery over twenty years ago, there weren't very many options on the market.  I tried E-6000, which held cabochons to the felt well.  But, the smell!  When I had a customer return an expensive piece because of the smell of the glue, I threw out all of the E-6000. 

That's when I first tried 527 glue.  Less smelly, just as powerful of an adhesive.

I've stuck with 527 glue since, even though the tubes have gotten smaller and the price has doubled.  (Sigh.) 

This summer, I decided to try some of the other products on the market.  First, I tried double-stick tape.  LOL.  What a pain.  Trimming the excess from the cabochons ruined two pairs of good scissors with stickiness that didn't come off.  So, I tried glue dots.  Ehh.  These work okay for basic cabs, if there's not lots of bending to bezel.

I also tried Aleene's Tacky Glue.

I'm undecided.  I like that this glue is waterbased and therefore less toxic.  But, it doesn't always hold what I need it to hold.  It's not felt friendly, as it seems to soak into the felt rather than adhering to whatever component I'm trying to glue.

So, barring any other suggestions, it's back to 527 for me.


  1. I've used this with doll making since it first came out. It is perfect for inserting eyes. Then I decided to use it for my beading. It works great & it dries clear and flexible. It is a little hard to find. Instant Grrrip glue