Monday, January 6, 2014


A picture really is worth a thousand words, especially when it's a classic.

Eiffel Tower art print
Since so many women have themselves convinced that they couldn't possibly, ever, never wear anything "that big," I made up a dozen or so one inch square art cabochons for my recent shows.

Alphonse Mucha art print
I figure it's an easy way to introduce women to the wonders of bead embroidery.  Some of my repeat customers this year talked about buying a piece of embroidery last year and getting so many compliments that they wanted more.  Several of them bought two or more pieces this year.  Encouraging, huh?

Leopard skin jasper
I also have a lot of smallish stone cabochons, between 30mm and 40mm.  Some of these are beautiful enough to make quite a statement, without being included in larger, more elaborate pieces.  

Turquoise and crystals = yum.
I think, in my joy of creating the big collage pieces, I forget to keep things simple, sometimes.  This is true in my life, too.

Flapper art print
As I start a new semester, one in which I'll begin writing my four comprehensive exams that will test everything I know, as part of my PhD process, I've got to remember to keep things simple.  Focus on the classics, the basics.  Then, later, work up to the fancy.

Arizona druzy
Art really does imitate life.


  1. Wow lots of really beautiful pieces, love the turquoise and what you have done with the druzy, oh my serious skill and beautiful designs!

  2. Inchies -- what a great idea! Like you, I have recently tried to remember that every does not need to scream LOOK AT ME!!!! Instead, a few subtle whispers can be seductive as well. Thanks for the inspiration.