Sunday, January 12, 2014

Inspiration: Hands

I have a thing for hands.

Maybe it's because I rely on my hands so much, to do my heart work.  To make art and also, to teach.  Apparently (according to student feedback), I talk with my hands.

But, really, hands have so much to say.

google image
And they are so individual.

So, in the interest of adding hands to my beadwork, I've started collecting hamsas.

The hamsa is a common symbol for protection in Middle Eastern countries.  Often, a hamsa will feature an eye in its design.  

In the Jewish tradition, a hamsa often displays fish, a symbol of luck and prosperity.

I like that hamsa also means "five," a number of change (in numerology).  'Cause change = yes.

With change, anything is possible.  And, this is my year of change.


  1. Hands. I always look at a person's hands. Their eyes first, their hands second. I need to see how they are shaped and how they are used. My daughter inherited my Gram's hands. That is a big comfort to me, seeing those hands again. I am really looking forward to seeing these show up in your work. Protection and creativity...feels like a good place to be.

  2. How coincidental I just finished a bead embroidered piece inspired by paleolithic cave art hands. I found out most of the stenciled hand images on European cave walls were actually those of women!

  3. Dear Skylar Bre’z

    I work as the photo editor on a series of history books about World War Two. We would like to use the third image from the top (the hamsa) in one of our books. Can you please get in touch with me at hbv (@) as soon as possible?
    Thank you very much in advance,
    J. Nielsen

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