Monday, February 24, 2014

Rough Stuff

Did you think I was all done with my Arizona haul?


Maybe I saved the best for last...

These look like spines to me.  But Jaynee, Ms. Masters in Anthropology, and archeological smarty-pants, assures me that its the whole creature, fossilized.  Cool.  The large tribolite is about 4 inches in length and weighty.  But so so cool.  I couldn't resist.

I couldn't resist these either.  
Mud cracked geodes.

The only two in the building.  Not exactly flat to bead around.  But I'll make them work.  Can;t you just imagine these in a black and white piece, with a touch of red cinnabar, maybe?

These?  This is your brain, on beady drugs.
Or, as the man in the bead store snobbily said: Are-age-o-nite.  (He's wrong, of course.)

I love these golden crystal formations, just going off in every which direction.  My brain, on beady drugs.  So sparkly.  And they'll be so cool, surrounded by matte seed beads.  Or maybe some onyx.

How cool are these obsidian pieces?  I love how mottled they are.

And these mica shards have so much texture.  Fragile as all get out.  But so striking.  Definitely going to mix one of these with some of the massive amount of pink quartz beads I bought.

This next cabochon reminded me of winter.  Not that I needed a reminder, mind you.  But, really, what a stunner.
I think this is a rough cut dendritic agate.  It's about 3 inches in length.  I'm going to keep this really simple, adding vintage pearls and quartz beads.

And now, for my favorites.  

Rough azurites.  They give me shivers.
Check out that texture!

Some of these are kind of crumbly.  But I think when reinforced with felt and suede, they'll be fine.

I'm not sure which of these I love more...
There's something so wild about these azurites.  So rocky.  Some of these will end up in oceany pieces.  Some will end up in desert pieces or Western pieces.  I'm on the hunt for a flying eagle to go with one of the pieces.

Most of the cabochons that we came home with were these rough pieces.  I also found rough Fordite and a fairy stone and amethysts and desert roses and lots and lots of ammonites.

And poop.
Dinosaur poop.  Both polished and rough.
I have a customer request for this poop, so don't mock.

On that note, I'm signing off.

To go play with poop.


  1. Oh such beauties, I love that you ended on the poop, one dinosaurs poop is another mans treasure??? lol

  2. Everything you got is downright stunning! I don't know if I could even pick a favorite because they're all amazing in their own way :)

    The funny thing is my sister wanted to buy me dinosaur poop for my birthday in the form of a ring. LOL I wouldn't mock it because some of those polished stones are gorgeous! You know. For poop.

    Can't wait to see what you do with all these treasures :)

  3. Thanks, Kayla. I think I'll start designing this weekend, since it looks like the latest weather warning will slow life down again.