Monday, February 10, 2014

Sleeping Beauty

You didn't think I'd go traipsing off to Arizona and not bring home some turquoise, did you?

Ha.  Skylar's rule #1 of beading: there's no such thing as too much turquoise. 
And this is why...

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.

So blue.  So true.

There was a tattered, battered old box at the bottom of a big stack of other rough stone pieces, holding about a dozen pieces of this Sleeping Beauty rough.  I grabbed the only pieces that could work in bead embroidery.  I do believe I sighed, deeply.  And maybe clutched them to my heart.  And maybe squealed.  'Cause the beauty...  To see this stone is to stand under the desert sky, in all its blue blue blue glory.

And, of course, that wasn't the sole turquoise purchase.  

These Carico Lake sets just fell into my clutches.  Honest.
 These will be so stunning as focals.  Not sure what I'll mix 'em with.  But I have some very very old Native American pottery shards that might be perfect.  (The pottery comes from the archeology lab at WMU.  They were going to throw them out, because provenience can't be determined.  Jaynee rescued them.)

I also picked up about two dozen other turquoise pieces.  Some are cheaper turquoise.  Some are dyed howlite, for those of us on a budget that still love the look of turquoise but can't afford Sleeping Beauty.

Check out these shapes:
The ovals have two holes.  How cool will these be, dropped from the bottom of a focal?

Okay.  My hands are itchy.  I must go play with my treasures.


  1. Oh I cannot wait to see the jewelry with the pottery shards! Throw them out?! I cannot imagine how many times this has happened. Good thing Jaynee was there to rescue that particular lot.

  2. Oh I am with you, turquoise is so beautiful in any shade, any shape....just gorgeous!

  3. Hello I was wondering if the turquoise above are on the sale?Please let me know. I'm very interested.