Saturday, February 8, 2014


Finally, I have a moment to post some pictures of treasures.



Oh, yeah.  Rocks!  Let's start with druzies.  'Cause druzies!

Last year, we found all sorts of raw, uncolored druzies.  This year, there weren't many available.  But we did find these lovelies.  I see these in really simple necklaces, as the stones surely don't need much embellishment.

Seraphinite!  Such a vibrant green, shot through with shiny white.  There's one larger piece here, with three medium pieces.  Pricey, but worth it.

Another pricey stone, charoite.  Stunning shades of purple.
I splurged on three medium sized pieces, one lavendar, the others of darker shades of purple.  Yummy.

The colors on these dendritic agates are just superb.  I think the largest one is going to end up as the focal for a necklace that has layers of ruffles, lavendar ruffles.  With pearls.

And...picture jasper.  See the tree in the bottom teardrop?  These are large pieces.  They'll make quite the statement.  I'm thinking at least one longer length necklace, accented by some lovely wood beads I picked up.  I can see the one in the upper left accented by amber chips, to pick up that hint of gold.

I'm not sure what the following are.  The store had them labeled as "Violet Stone" or Tiffany stone, neither of which I can find in my gemstone books.  Hmmm.
Whatever the name, I think they're stunning.  Purple and pale green and beige.  They make me think of orchids.  And butterflies.

The color on these coral cabochons is also lovely.  Check out the patterns.  If I can find a leopard, I'll match that pair up with his spots in a necklace.

Last, but not least in any way, these sets of fossil cabochons.  I think I can get two bracelets and two necklaces out of these sets.  And maybe a few small necklaces.  Lots to play with here.
I love how these are matched up, cut into mirroring designs.  While I don't often do the matchy-matchy, in this case, I might.

Especially with the arched set below.
I think some of my customers that like neutral shades will find these exciting.Who knows.  Maybe I'll be inspired to do a big splashy collar piece with these matching components.

All of these cabochons come from SunWest Silver, in Quartzsite.  Truly lovely people.  Gorgeous stones and absolutely stunning silver work.  And charms!  Oh, my.  Hundreds of charms in designs I've never seen anywhere else, not even online.

I'd post the web addy for SunWest, but they don't have an online site.  I think it's because they turn their stock over so quickly.  I mean, with stones like these, no surprise, right?


  1. Those are AWESOME! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am breathless over these -- each photo more stunning than the last! Oh, what happy hunting you had this year!