Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wisdom Wednesday

I interrupt this Wisdom Wednesday 

for a cat nap.

'Cause, really.  Isn't this the smartest thing to do when it's cold (-2 degrees) and snowy (almost 100 inches, so far) and sunny?
Snuggle on the bed (before I can make it) with your brothers and sister.

Truly wise, these cats.
Sammy.  AKA sweet and scaredy.  The youngest and the biggest.

Ricky.  The oldest.  Once the biggest.  Still the enforcer of proper cat behavior.  Hiding his blue eyes.

Sparky Doo Two.  Very much into creature comforts.

Rhea.  AKA Bits.  'Cause of the stubby tail and tiny size.
Big personality, though.

And, the wisest cat of them all?

Rosie, AKA Murder Mouth.
Who sleeps in her cat bed in the bathroom.
AKA the warmest spot in the house.
Rosie.  Not a fool.
Also a prime opportunist when it comes to positioning herself for belly rubs.

Smart, those cats.

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