Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bead Soup Ingredients

So I have a new interest in cooking since my surgery.  I've been playing with new recipes.  So my bead soup that arrived today (!) goes right along with this new adventure. 

Soup is on! 
Isn't this delightful?
My partner, Marie Covert, was very very generous with the soup ingredients and beady delights.

Look at all these focals!  I love love love the face cabochon.  And the shell!  And the polymer = great colors.  The stone cabs are unakite, one of my favorites.  And the lampwork foil works perfectly with the abalone shell.  Not sure which one I'll use first...  but I do love a good face bead.  :)

Marie also sent LOTS of supporting beads - glass pearls, and stunning howlite rosettes, mother of pearl beads, and florite chunks, and even some crystals.  

I've got two clasps to choose from, too!  And really cool barrel beads, and stone beads with little happy faces.  And seed beads and touches of copper and silver rings.  Fun!

Aren't these cool?  Almost like flowers made from bottle glass.
Marie sent the above flowers, too.  They're from Venice, made by an apprentice lampworker.  So cool!  I can imagine these as chunky focals, with lots of mixed metals.  Hmmm.

How thoughtful!
I mentioned to Marie that I've become obsessed with felting and look what she included!  Roving and ribbon and a big ole spool of funky, chunky turquoise yarn.  Yay!  Even the butterfly is perfect, as I can use it in one of my Magpie bracelets.

Think there's a subliminal message here, to go NUTS!  I'll have to wait until this weekend to lay out some ideas, but that's the plan.

Thanks, Marie!


  1. Wow those focals are all so amazing, and the lampwork beads and the toggles...I am astonished! Just beautiful!

  2. I'm so glad you like the soup, I absolutely love mine!!! The two caramel and pecan are from Lamesa, NE of where I live, and the others are from Mexico, I'm not right on the border, but to us we are. Hope you have fun with the mix. I know I will with mine!!! thank you again!

  3. Oh, my goodness, what a lovely haul! I must say, that face focal looks absolutely perfect for your work...Can't wait to see what you make from all of this fabulousness!