Monday, March 3, 2014

Roxcy O'Neal Bolton

Roxcy O’Neal Bolton (1926 – Present) 
20th Century Women’s Rights Pioneer
Roxcy O’Neal Bolton is a lifelong advocate for women’s rights. 
She is the founder of Florida’s first battered women's shelter 
 and the nation’s first hospital-based Rape Treatment Center.  
Her  extensive work also includes convincing National Airlines 
to offer maternity leave to (instead of firing) pregnant flight attendants; 
 lobbying for passage of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA); 
and persuading the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 
to name hurricanes after both women and men.  
Bolton led the effort to create the Women’s Park in Miami, 
which opened in 1992 as the first outdoor space in the nation-- 
honoring past and present women leaders.

 As a rape survivor and a former rape counselor (at the first shelter in Sarasota),
I thank you, Roxcy.  I thank you.

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