Monday, April 14, 2014


I think this is the longest I've gone without posting since I began blogging.  Let's just's been busy.

Now that winter has decided to leave (!), there's yard work to be done.  The word around the house today is "Ouch" due to all of the raking and tree limb picking up and gunnage burning.  I even made three compost bins (for less than $60!).

All that stands between me and the end of the semester is two 25 page papers to write and 95 final projects to grade.  Piece of cake.  Then it's one week off before I start a summer of French translation classes.  (Bleh.)
Focal is from MakuStudios!
 Thank goodness for beading.

Like I said to J just yesterday, beading is one of the things I'm most grateful for in my life.  For the peace and creativity I've found.  For the friends I've made through it.  Mostly, because beading keeps me sane.
Full view.  Still working on a name.  Thoughts?
I can get lost in the details of beading and everything else makes more sense.


  1. Take a deep breath. Your piece reminds me of a geological formation. It's ancient looking and makes me think of the earth. Earth Song.

    1. Perfect, Liz! I love "Earth Song!" So be it.

  2. I like what you wrote about beading in your life! Love the new piece <3 Liz E is perfectly right with the name!!

  3. I instantly saw rock formations, rivers, fields, dirt. Then I read Liz's comment and I think she got it right with the name. What a strong, powerful, beautiful necklace. This is a very special piece.
    Power through one day at a time...and bead when you need the break. They are always there to soothe you.

  4. Earth Song is perfect. What a gorgeous piece!

    If you need any help with French, I took five years of it in school and was a French tutor. It's been awhile, but I at least remember all the dirty words. ;)