Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Growing Pains

I'm in the process of learning lots of new things.  French. Nuno felting.  Chicago Manual Style. Ice Cream.
First felting attempt.  On mesh = fail.
With French, even when I look up every word in the translation and think I'm doing okay, I'm not.  It's the tenses.  Present, past imperfect, past present, future past indefinite infinity tense - these are all so jumbled up in my mind.  I give up.  Today, I translated a passage about camels and math.  I think.  (I don't understand the language of math, either.)

Over the weekend, I played with felt, trying to figure out what wool works with what fabric.  I was somewhat successful.  I'm happy with the patterns I laid out.  Some things stuck together better than ever.  (In this respect, nuno felting is a lot like learning French.)
Second attempt - on cheesecloth.  Mostly felted, very random pattern.
With the felting, I think I need to stick with using silk chiffon as a base, until I get the hang of how this works.  Even though I want to jump in and go right to the beautiful.  I get that I need to develop my knowledge and skills.

With French, it feels like more a matter of endurance than anything.  I am constantly reminding myself that my (in)ability to learn French is NOT a reflection of my intellect.  I'm good at many things.  I'm not good at French.  The plan is to keep working at it.  (And take out my frustration during the felting process.  Rolling those jelly-rolls of felting back and forth lets out a lot of frustration.)

I also worked on organizing and proofing 22 pages of a bibliography over the weekend.  If I haven't learned the ins and outs of Chicago Style by now, well, just hell.  

As for ice cream, I got a new maker for my birthday.  Yay me!  Going to try strawberry ice cream first.  Hopefully, the batch of strawberries I bought this morning won't spoil as quickly as the container I bought on Monday.  Sigh.

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  1. The ice cream will help as much as the rolling the felt in relieving the frustration of French. 4 years of French and all I can say is "il est bleu". Math never stuck beyond the basics either. Do they come from the same part of the brain. Are you done with it after the summer? Camels and math caught me off-guard. Wish I had swallowed the coffee before I read that :-) Keep on keepin' on with la francais and felt and strawberry ice cream!