Saturday, May 3, 2014

Karma Model

Sometimes you get the opportunity to be a part of something really wonderful.

Through a friend, I learned about this new business venture in my hometown.  The brainchild of the wonderful Krista, this boutique offers gorgeous goodies for women: clothes, hats, scarves, soap, jewelry.  And yoga!  The shop smells divine when you walk in.  It's like walking into a Temple.  And Krista is so warm and so welcoming, you just want to sit and chat, then get up and browse through all the vintage finds, then sit and chat some more.

I LOVE her business model.  For every $5 that a customer spends in the shop, $1 in "Karma Dollars" is donated to the local women's shelter.  So that the women in the shelter can come and shop for lovely things.  Even better, much of the Angelique Boutique stock is donated.  Any items that are donated but not necessarily suited to the shop are then given to the women's shelter.  You can read about this in more detail here.

Since I regularly donate jewelry, I dropped off some necklaces and earrings.  Look at how lovingly they're displayed!

BrisingBeads benefits from free advertising.  (Thank you, Krista and MLive!)

Mostly, I'm excited about being part of a venture I agree with.  Women supporting women, in a business model that makes sense AND does good work.

Thank you, Krista, for your grace and generosity.
It's a perfect mix.

And, I learned an important lesson through this model.  About listening to your heart for the message of your dreams.  About asking for what you need and also asking for what you want.  So often, as women, we're taught to set that aside.  In the interest of another's needs/wants.

Imagine the world we could create if we were all brave enough to ask for the things that make our dreams come true...

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