Saturday, May 17, 2014

My First Playdate with Nuno Felting

I've waited all winter, through 100+ inches of snow and over 80 days of below freezing temperatures, to get out in the garage and play with felt.  Nuno felting, in particular.

Finally, last week I got my chance!

I started with making prefelt.  Really thin layers of roving that aren't all the way felted so they can be used in other pieces.  Since I needed to get a feel for how nuno felting worked, I thought this would be a good place to start.

Most of these squares are about 3 x 5 inches.  Some felted better than others.  Some blended better than others.

Now I have a better idea of how to work the felt - how wet it needs to be, how to blend colors better, how to work in other textures and fabrics better.

It's a definite learning process, one I'm looking forward to.  And it's nice that felt is a lot like beads.  Nothing goes to waste.  If you don't like what you make, you can always use it in some other form - tear it apart, cut it up, layer it into something else.

Next week, I'm trying my first scarf.  

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