Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Nostalgia, Part Deux

(notice the French in the title?  I'm taking a French translation class this summer - ALL SUMMER.  Not my idea.  A requirement.  Sigh.  Even though I'll never use it in my research.  Ever.)


I wrote last week about how Mom and I went to an estate sale at my Aunt Jen's.  When we walked down into the basement, this caught my eye:

This wooden cabinet used to sit next to Aunt Jen's old wringer washer when I was a kid.  I thought it'd be perfect to keep my fabric in.  Then Mom started telling me about how my Grandpa had built it before she was born.  It sat in the hallway in the house Mom grew up in and was where her clothes and my Aunt Jean's clothes were kept.  Mom started laughing, telling me about how when it got cold, Grandma would send her and Jean to look through the cupboard for warmer clothes.  An "ugly brown corduroy dress," in particular, hated by both Mom and Jean.  Mom told how they used to push that dress way into the back of the cupboard, so that Grandma couldn't find it.  Since Grandma had a form of MS, she didn't move around too well, so they could get away with lying.  Naughty!  (Actually, as Mom was telling the story, I could see the naughty little girl that she was, still giggling at getting one over on Grandma.)

Naturally, I bought the cabinet.

Here it is, tucked into my garage.  Just like it's always belonged there.

Which it does.  The joy that this brings me, reclaiming something that my grandfather made - probably from scrap wood, over 80 years ago, plus Mom's memories of it, and now my memories of her telling the story, (and of conning my brother Joe into getting it home!), make this so precious.


Every time I walk in the garage, I smile.  And not just 'cause of all that fabric and felt to play with.


  1. what a wonderful history right there, holding your fabric! where some see an old wooden cabinet, you see generations of family and smile at the stories. that is what makes things valuable to us...the stories.
    Bonne Chance with that class this summer. ugh.

  2. Nice cabinet, great story.