Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Not Hallmark

Three favorite things - pretty paper, glue, and rubber stamps.  Add stickers and scissors and here's some of what I came up with last week when I had a MAJOR card-making session:

I started with little note cards.  These are all about 2 x 3 inches, or less.  I love these little things to stick in with Etsy sales or to tag a gift.  I keep a black ink pad and a couple of "Thank You" stamps in the drawer along with these cards, making them so easy to prepare.  Sometimes (often) I like to add a little note, as well or instead.

Best of all, I now have about 100 cards to choose from.  The larger notecards (see above photo) will be great for letter writing, or birthday wishes, or more extended thoughts.

I love that they are all different.  And that they make the best of resources I already had.  And that they're handmade.  Very much "me."  

I spent two days just organizing my supplies.  Sorting paper, cropping images left over from my art cabochon designs, putting all of my stickers in one baggie.  I cleaned out two drawers of stuff and now have two gallon sized bags plus a plastic container for bigger paper scraps.  Not bad.

Once I let go of my fear of "using up" my supplies, I had so much fun.  Folding papers, picking out embellishments, choosing stamps.  I worked in stages, first making the card bases, based on what I had envelopes for, how heavy the paper weight was, etc.  I sorted these by size.  Then I went through my embellishments - stickers, photos, quotes, anything I had thrown in my collage stock.  I choose the ones that I wanted to work from and then just matched ephemera to the cardstock. I glued everything down.  And, since it was 3:30 a.m., I went to bed!

The next day, I pulled out my stamps.  I sorted through these, choosing ones I knew I wanted to use, then worked with one stamp at a time, flipping through my stacks of cards and pulling out the ones I thought fit the stamp.  Doing it this way, I don't think I used as many stamps as I could have.  But, given the amount of room I have to work with on my worktable, I made do.

Making all these cards fulfilled my urge to do some collage, to use up some of the fun scraps of ephemera I've collected, and gave me good practice for some bigger projects I want to play with  (booth props and altered altars).  And it was so much fun!

What's in your craft supplies, just waiting to be played with?


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