Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Art Inpsiration - The Desert

Valley of Fire, NV
The sky.  The rocks.  The color.  Even the heat.
Red Rock, NV
The desert is where I discovered myself as strong and resilient.  Maybe it was the influence of the harsh conditions.  Or the natural beauty that is so different than where I grew up in the Midwest.  A big influence is the big sky.  The quality of light. 
Nevada Sky necklace - circa 2000.

The sunsets dancing (really!) across the horizon.

Utah Sunset - circa 1999.  The picture doesn't do this necklace justice. 
 The sky and the rocks.  A contrast in color.  An interplay of texture.

Ancient Artifact - 2012.
Always, the sacred.
Temple of Sekhmet, Cactus Springs, NV

My heart's home.

Bright Peace, circa 2004.
Endless.  Just like the wind that carved this cave.
Valley of Fire, NV
I do believe I'm homesick.

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