Saturday, July 5, 2014

Art Inspiration - Journaling

This is not so much a source of inspiration as my means of remembering my inspirations!

I'm a long-time journaler.  While I've gone through periods where I've written LOTS, I admit to a certain amount of paranoia about what would happen to all the words in those journals, should I unexpectedly die.  So, a few years ago, I burned all but a couple of them.

But, I've kept visual journals for almost 25 years.  Now, there's Pinterest for us visually-inspired people, but way back when, old magazines, scissors and photo albums were my dreaming tools.

My journals have always been a mix of spiritual inspirations and practical encouragement, with heavy doses of fashion and jewelry design.  They're more Dream guides then anything.

 Part affirmation.  Part design reminder.

Here, you can see my interest in bead embroidered quilts/wall hangings.  I've been wanting to work on a larger scale like this for about 10 years.  Maybe, possibly, this will be the year I do.  I recently found a scrap of an art piece I started maybe 10 years ago.  I think it must be destined to become the centerpiece for a bigger project.

Because this journal lives on my nightstand, it's always handy when I'm planning new projects.  And since I'm always planning new projects, with the interest of staying fresh AND of increasing my revenue streams, I make lots of notes about project ideas.  Sometimes (about half the time), I actually make the projects.

Most of the time, I pull images from print magazines to use as inspiration.  But since magazines have gotten so expensive and since my time to peruse magazines is so limited, I will download and print internet images.  Especially if the design is something that compliments or helps me recall the design I have in my head.  And, it's fun to look back over the years and see how my likes and interests change or stay the same.  Mostly, they stay the same.  It also helps me to record projects that were successful (meaning, I tried them!) and those I haven't worked on yet.

Having this handy reference is an important part of my creativity.  Since it's sometimes months or even years before I can get to a project, it's invaluable to have these reminders.

Do you keep a journal?  What's in it?


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