Friday, July 11, 2014

What's on my bulletin board?

I'm a believer in the power of images and words.  Hence, my bulletin board is a very necessary part of my creative life.  And, since I consider ALL of my life to be a creative process, my bulletin board covers a lot of ground.

After my recent edit.  Looks like I have room to build on some dreams and goals.

The things that show up on my bulletin board are the things that are MOST important to me.  Memories of where I've been, places I want to go or build.  For example, those garden pictures.  A sample of what I want to create in the future - not just a garden but a holistic art center/gathering place.
That young woman with the fish?  A younger me - so proud of the redfish I pulled out of the bay on Boca Grande.  (Even better, how annoyed the boyfriend-at-the-time was at this.)

Mom just gave me this black and white photo of my Grandma K.  I love that she looks down over my desk.  (Grandma M is off to the left, hanging next to the bulletin board.)  The photo of me as a little girls with the daffodils is one that I treasure.  Mom made the dress, bright yellow and for Easter.  It's one of the few times I remember feeling pretty when I was younger.

That white sheet in the lower left corner?  The outline for my dissertation.  Which will get written, even if I leave my PhD program.  (Yes.  This is up in the air, due to my challenges with French translation.)  Even though it hurts my heart at the moment to look at this, I'm leaving it up.  As a reminder that I went back to school to learn how to write.  Not to get a PhD.

My bulletin board always seems to have an Alphonse Mucha print on it somewhere.  I think his art is my biggest inspiration.  The ornament I found shortly after I had a dream about J and I sitting on a porch somewhere in the desert, rocking away in chairs, very old ladies.  It's an affirmation that we'll still be friends, even at 103.

I do believe that there are no limits but the sky.  Huh.  Plus it's a good reminder of the possibility of my chosen name.  I also like the open door to a hidden garden.  (Plus this is a theme in a planned novel.)

My bulletin board = personal and practical.

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