Monday, August 4, 2014

Art Inspiration - Gypsy

Maybe it's because I am a gypsy at heart, but I have always been drawn to images of the exotic, the bohemian - in fashions for women and in household design.  It's the wild, untamed spirit that attracts me.  And the patterns and layers and movement.  The mix of old and new.  The LACK of rules.

I love to use images that invoke this as focal piece in my jewelry.  My newest collar piece is a perfect example.

Found here on Etsy  (Sorry, no clue who I purchased this download image from.)

The gypsy inspiration also fulfills my love of textiles.  (Fans self)  Lately, I've been finding really cool embroidered pieces and old tapestries at estate sales.  Lucky me.  The patterns in these inspire my jewelry.

It's been a long love affair.

While this necklace is recent, I've had the cabochon in my stash for probably 15 years.
Finally put it to good use.

Paisley is a big part of my gypsy love.  Again, it's the patterns, the movement.  The lack of rules.

The focal image in this piece is a clip from an old book filled with paintings of gypsies and belly dancers.  I cut LOTS of images out of that book!  See how well the image pairs with mirrors and tinkling bells?

Here's a really old piece, maybe circa mid - 1990s.  A handpainted cabochon, random embroidery.  I'm not sure what happened to this piece...

Yes, I know that gypsy culture - as it's lived - has a very bad reputation.  No, I haven't watched the "reality" television show.  I'm sticking to my images of strong women.  And lots of patterns and textures, for my inspiration.

I mean, really, wouldn't this be a wonderful space to BE in?

From my Pinterest page
Meet you there!

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