Sunday, October 26, 2014

Booth Display

It's show season.  Well, planning for show season.

I've been busying collecting props all summer, hitting up estate sales and thrift stores.  Sadly, I have no pictures.  Just piles of projects in the garage.  :)

And ideas.  Lots of ideas.

I started collecting inspiration on a Pinterest board.  Here's some samples.

At a really excellent estate sale this summer, I found a beat up old suitcase, similar to this.  For $3.  I have to fix one of the hinges and knock off some of the dirt from 30 years of sitting around in a barn, but it'll work really well as a prop.  I'll either decoupage it like above, or use it like below:

Lots of potential.  And it depends on what I have ready to sell.  I've been working on some cork necklaces that would hang nicely.  Or maybe I'll fill the suitcase with earring cards.  Or bracelets.

Speaking of bracelets, I found this really cool electric cable roller thingy.  At least that's what I think it is.  It's wooden and got a handle and four bars to wind stuff around.  It'll be perfect for a bracelet display.  Just needs some L brackets to make it more sturdy.  

I'm also planning to add some height to the booth at my big show this year.  Need to find one more mannequin, which will compliment the other mannequin on the other side of the booth.  Problem is, mannequin's are expensive.  I bought my last one at a craft store that I refuse to shop in anymore, as shopping there has other too high costs, for women's reproduction.

So, I might end up using a 4-5 foot Christmas tree as a prop.  Maybe if I add some funky lights, it'll fit the bohemian theme of the booth.

I'm also adding some fun signage to the booth this year.  

Think this will help shoppers spend?

I'd really like to make a sign that says, "Life's too short for boring jewelry," but wonder if that sounds overly snarky.  'Cause I get really really tired of women wearing dainty little gold or silver chains that look just like what everybody else is wearing.  Really?  I want to ask.  That's the best you can do?

Too direct?

At the very least, I'll post this sign, a nice reminder of why art and craft shows are not only necessary but wonderful.

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