Friday, October 24, 2014


My view of Fall has been limited this year to early morning drives to and from school and the view from my front window.

My drive is 50 miles, each way.  Not too bad in the spring, lovely in the summer, and stunning in the Fall.  (We won't discuss winter, as I'm in denial that it's on its way, with its dreaded snow and ice.)

Oh, the colors!

On my drive, I find myself thinking of color combinations.  Nature is really the ultimate artist.

Since absolutely every spare moment is currently being spent to finish my PhD exams (4 20-25 page essays in about 6 weeks, with a combined book list of about 200 books), my primary view of fall is through my front window.  The past week, I've watched the burning bush turn bright red, the maple tree begin to tinge orange, and the birch tree shift to gold.


My reward for finishing exams will be to rake leaves.  Lots and lots of leaves.  Six maples, one birch, and assorted blown into the yard tonage of leaves.

I think I might save a few for jewelry inspiration.

Can't wait.

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