Sunday, December 28, 2014


2014, the year of MORE.

The year of more responsibility.  More deadlines.  More challenges.  More students.
I taught more classes and typed more words on more papers than ever before.  I traveled more, back and forth to school four days a week.  And, a lovely, life-changing trip to Las Vegas (more on that later).  More money in, much more money going out.

I also beaded more.  And felted more.  Lots more.  Jaynee and I supplied five art shows, two private shows, and one major Christmas show.  Lots more jewelry making!

For 2015, I'm focusing on plenty.  Plenty of time to research and write my dissertation.  Plenty of time to enjoy making art, playing with new mediums, refining old ones.  Plenty of beads, plenty of felt, plenty of fabric to play with.  Plenty of time to spend with family and friends, new and old.

Mostly, I wish all of you plenty.  And the happiest of New Year's.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Boho Belts

Okay, ready for my new obsession?

Felted belts.

These are just the bases.  While doing the felting demonstration at Lowell Art Center this weekend, I had time to start the felting process.  The night before, I went through my fabric scrap bins and pulled out color coordinated pieces and different shades and textures of roving.

See, I knew there was a reason for collecting all these years!

Now for the fun part - embroidering the bases with beads and threads and all sorts of trinkets.  Each belt is about 24-28 inches long.  I'll attach some ribbon for the tie.  Long ribbon, I'm thinking, so that each belt is very adjustable.  For smaller waists, the ribbon will just add to the bohemian look.  Then I'll pack the belt with fabric or ultra suede.  Honestly, I haven't thought that far ahead yet.  :)

I'll post more pictures as I get farther along in the process.  

Saturday, December 20, 2014


It's off to the Lowell Art Center this morning, to demonstrate needle felting.  And sell art, from artists all over Michigan.


I'm supposed to show people how to make brooches, but when no one's looking, I'm going to be working on dance belts.

Like this:
From AllThingsPretty on Etsy
I've wanted to play with something like this for a while now.  I have five belts bagged up.  When putting together my travel kit last night, I actually discovered a new design method: Open up a gallon size baggie, sit down in front of my scrap bin and start throwing bits and pieces in each bag.  A color scheme starts to emerge as you go through the bin.

This is similar to what I do with necklaces, on my bead table.  Often, because I'm  blessed with such an array of (hoarded) goodies, I get overwhelmed with what to choose.  Nothing like a deadline to work through that!

I'll post pictures next week of what I come up with!

In the meantime, check out your local art center to see what artist-made goodies they have!

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Something I learned during my recent semester of overwork and overstress was the joy of coffee.

I've always loved the smell but didn't enjoy the taste.  Or the buzz.  I was one of those annoying people that when I got out of bed in the morning, I was AWAKE!

Until this semester.  Sleep was at a premium and rarely restful.  I found myself needing a bit more kick in the morning to get myself going.  Or, more accurately - restarted.

And then, I tasted this:

Meijer's brand "Michigan Cherry" coffee.  Yummy.  And smells a bit like heaven.

But doesn't taste so good with this:

The peppermint helps to settle my often queasy morning stomach.

So since I am now a regular coffee drinker, I find myself in need of some cool coffee cups.  I love a good stoneware mug.  I have a "blue moon" mug that I picked up at a festival years ago that I've always stored pens in that I'm now re-appropriating for morning coffee.  But there's also these:

A nice reminder...

 While making time to bead is never in question for me, sometimes I still forget to slow down and enjoy my morning cup of coffee.  

I guess I'll have to practice some more.

Sunday, December 7, 2014


Happy Happy Joy Joy!

It's Winter Break!

I'll be getting back to regular blogging within the next week.
First, I need to finish grading, post jewelry to Etsy for those last minutes sales, and catch up on some sleep!