Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Boho Belts

Okay, ready for my new obsession?

Felted belts.

These are just the bases.  While doing the felting demonstration at Lowell Art Center this weekend, I had time to start the felting process.  The night before, I went through my fabric scrap bins and pulled out color coordinated pieces and different shades and textures of roving.

See, I knew there was a reason for collecting all these years!

Now for the fun part - embroidering the bases with beads and threads and all sorts of trinkets.  Each belt is about 24-28 inches long.  I'll attach some ribbon for the tie.  Long ribbon, I'm thinking, so that each belt is very adjustable.  For smaller waists, the ribbon will just add to the bohemian look.  Then I'll pack the belt with fabric or ultra suede.  Honestly, I haven't thought that far ahead yet.  :)

I'll post more pictures as I get farther along in the process.