Sunday, December 14, 2014


Something I learned during my recent semester of overwork and overstress was the joy of coffee.

I've always loved the smell but didn't enjoy the taste.  Or the buzz.  I was one of those annoying people that when I got out of bed in the morning, I was AWAKE!

Until this semester.  Sleep was at a premium and rarely restful.  I found myself needing a bit more kick in the morning to get myself going.  Or, more accurately - restarted.

And then, I tasted this:

Meijer's brand "Michigan Cherry" coffee.  Yummy.  And smells a bit like heaven.

But doesn't taste so good with this:

The peppermint helps to settle my often queasy morning stomach.

So since I am now a regular coffee drinker, I find myself in need of some cool coffee cups.  I love a good stoneware mug.  I have a "blue moon" mug that I picked up at a festival years ago that I've always stored pens in that I'm now re-appropriating for morning coffee.  But there's also these:

A nice reminder...

 While making time to bead is never in question for me, sometimes I still forget to slow down and enjoy my morning cup of coffee.  

I guess I'll have to practice some more.

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