Sunday, January 25, 2015

Art Chain

Have you seen the wonderful ART CHAIN posts making the rounds on Facebook?

Fabulous examples of art, from all mediums.

I was really excited to be nominated, included amongst this body of work.  Here's my Day One contribution:

Model: Andrea Breau  Photo: Dana Pachl

I love anything paisley and wanted to try creating a paisley necklace.  I think I did okay.  I love the blues and greens of this.  And all of the texture.

It's always fun to go back and see pieces from the past.  I look at this now and can remember where I was when I worked on this: my little apartment in Columbus, while I was working on my MA in Gender Studies.  I remember how tired I was for those two years...but how blessed with the best cohort of fellow students that has ever existed.  We remain friends today.

I'll post the rest of my ART CHAIN features in days to come.  But in the meantime, check out Facebook for other artists' work.

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