Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bead Stash - January

I love to peek in on other people's bead hoards.  Maybe it's the sense of shared shame.  Many of us have more beads than we'll ever use in one lifetime.  I know I do!  Or maybe it because I love to drool over lovely lovely beady things, even if they belong to someone else.

Or maybe it's for the inspiration factor.

A glimpse of 3 of my "stash" trays.
I've been collecting parts for bead embroidery and jewelry for over twenty years.  I try to remember this when I feel guilty about the amount of goodies I have.

About once a year, I go through my stash and rearrange.  It's amazing how jumbled up things get when you're in a design frenzy.  Or when you try to put stuff back in a hurry.

It's a good chance to see what I've got on hand.  And what I "might" need.  Ha!

I also sort out things that it's doubtful I'll ever use.  I usually end up with a decent sized box to give away.  'Cause I've been so blessed over the years to be gifted gorgeous stuff, it's nice to pass things along.  And, sometimes I buy something, and then - what was I thinking?  Like that big plastic doll face I ordered in June...  ?  Creepy.

It's also really really wonderful to go through these bins and remember where some of my goodies came from.  Or who they came from.  Which is often even more meaningful.  And, I think, adds to the eventual design that they end up in.  

It's obvious.  I am very VERY blessed.

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  1. The bead stash is always a good walk down memory lane...and a check on the different phases my sanity has endured (like the doll face). You have a fantastic stash! Loved getting a close look at these trays.