Sunday, January 18, 2015


In the gray of winter, I think a lot about color.  A lot.  And as I've been doing my yearly organizing of my design files, I've noticed how infused with color most of my designs are.

Art glass piece, 2013

I know that there's programs and guides to blending color, to working with compliments or contrasts.  The basic color wheel is helpful.  But honestly, here's my best color guide:

Garden, July 2014
Talk about a riot of color.  

Nature mixes and matches, without depending on a color wheel.  When I'm designing, I try to mimic this.  I pick out a bunch of stuff from my stash of goodies, put 'em down in random order on my work table, and then start shifting things around until something "catches" with something else.

First magpie bracelet, 2014

It's a balance.  I go by how a piece "feels," adding and taking away, shifting things around, playing with things I think can't possibly work and often being pleasantly surprised.  

Art challenge piece, 2012

For instance, in the above piece I worked on staying in the same color palate but used several different textures, shapes, and both warm and cold tones.  Maybe this piece works because it's a larger necklace.  

The key is to not be afraid of color.  Just have fun with it.  I mean, there's a reason why life isn't black and white.

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  1. I was a black, brown, dark green person for the first 40 years of my life. Then I exploded with color ~ in clothing and in beads. Once I started playing with color, I learned there is nothing to fear in using it. My mother once told me that there are quite a few quilters who believe red is a neutral. Once I started looking through those eyes, it became so much easier to add color to a lot of work. One of the main reasons I started following your blog was because of your vibrant and beautiful pieces. The three you show here are perfect examples of your Color Embrace!