Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year Inspiration

A new year, a new future in which to make lovely things.

Oh, the joy!

Here's some of what is inspiring me right now, that hopefully will inspire my work throughout the year.

Gorgeous scarves.  Lots and lots of scarves!
An Abundance of Saris!
Beautiful clothes.  This designer's fashion is incredible.
More bracelets.  Of course.
And always.  Always.

More time in the garden.
What are you inspired by in this bright and shiny New Year?

1 comment:

  1. omg....all of your pieces are sooooo exquisite have given me my inspiration , as you so often do. Right now I'm Sooooooooooo excited about you moving just 3 hours away from us I'm almost beside myself with JOY........I have even started driving again (well, 1x down to Parker) but that's a goal is to drive to Vegas with Jim the first time.....and drive home. Next time I could maybe do it alone!!! I just feel SOOO good about you two moving closer to us. Love you, Sally