Monday, February 9, 2015

Booth set-up as art experience

Every time J and I set up the BrisingBeads Designs booth at a show, we arrange it differently.

Wings Stadium show, December 2013

I admit, it's me.  J is (quite) more organized than I am, like things more linear.  Not me.  I go for that funky, bohemian feel.  Mostly because I think it compliments the jewelry design.  And partly because, well, it's what I like.

I know some people like an emptier booth.  Not us.  Here, J and I agree.  Put lots out and keep it accessible.  If people have lots to look at and touch, they stay around the booth longer.  The longer someone is there, the more likely a sale is.  And, having customers in front of the booth also attracts other people.  Gotta see what the fuss is about, I guess.

Wings Stadium show, 2014
This year, we went UP with our display.  We found a gorgeous three section mirror at a thrift sale over the summer.  Perfect display piece.  I also use decoupaged nesting boxes to place displays at different heights.  We have wire mannequins that we wrap with scarves.  I also found a wooden box and a wooden shelf that are perfect for the other end of the display.  Which I apparently didn't get a photo of.  Too bad, since it became the sweet spot of the weekend.  Everything placed in one spot on this wooden shelf sold.  Everything.  I bet 8 pieces sold from this spot, almost as soon as we placed something new there.

Felted bracelet display, 2014
One of my luckiest junking finds last fall was running across this spool thingy in a corner of a dusty old barn.  I have no idea what it was originally (wire wrapper?  rope winder?).  It has four spokes for hanging stuff on and a wooden handle that turns everything.  Perfect display for my felted bracelets!

During the show, we had many customers comment that they were drawn to the booth because it looked "interesting," or "unique," or "fun."  Yes!  I think this speaks to the reality that people like to have an experience when they shop.  At least, most people.

I continue to be amazed at our customers.  At how varied they are, how adventurous they become when trying on our things.  I can feel the tide turning, as more and more people become aware of the value of art.  People purchase the experience of going to an art show as much as they buy something they like.

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  1. It looks like you provide a unique experience that encourages people's funkier sides to come out ~ what a great gift to give people as they shop your booth!