Friday, February 20, 2015

Dream Boards

I've used a journal version of the "Dream Board" for many years.  I have about 7-8 photo albums that are filled with photos and quotes and magazine clippings - things that I want to try, things that inspire, things that I want to remember.  Of course, this is in the pre-Pinterest days.

Last year, I made an actual dream board, spending time printing and cutting out clippings, then posting them to a white board.  I sat it next to my beadtable/desk, so that I would be inspired.  I really do believe that staying focused on a goal helps it come to pass.

Looking at this now, many of the goals on this poster are long term goals.  PhD, getting a house with a kitchen, teaching, that fabulous storage cupboard in the corner.  While it would have been nice to have all of that come to pass in a year, whew!  

But, I do see how the things pictured here have fed into current goals.  Or steps towards my current goals.  And look how intertwined my life is - school, work, art, home.  Everything feeds everything else.  

I like the balance.

So maybe this is the best view to come from a dream board.  Being able to visualize what I'm dreaming about and how it all connects.

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