Monday, February 16, 2015

Dreams Do Come True

Felted Belt, 2015
Early in my beading career, I made beaded/embellished bras.  So much fun!  I did bra and panty sets for strippers.  Belly dancers and drag queens loved the bras.  So did "regular" women, who wore the bras for special occasions or as resort wear.  But, as a fan of tribal dance, I've been wanting to make belly dance belts for YEARS!  Finally, finally, finally - here they are!

Front view, 2015
Can I just say how much fun these are to make?  I love doing collage.  I love felting.  I love embroidery.   For me, these belts are the best of all worlds.  Hey, they even want to make me dance.

Tribal belt, 2015
I love mixing different fabric scraps, embroidery, lace and ribbon together, blending them with the felting.  Adding the beads and charms is just icing on the fancy cake.

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Not all of the belts are "bling-y" either.  Here's one I started, that J said "I love just the way it is."  So, it's hers.  Of course.  (And usually, she's more bling-y than I am!)

J's belt.  Simple.  Stunning.
I've made the belts between 28 - 34 inches, with ribbon ties that are at least 30 inches each.  I'm thinking this will keep them very adjustable for sizes.  Someone can cut the ribbons to suit.  Or double, triple wrap them.  They can be worn at the waist or at the hip.  Someone adventurous could even wear one as a headwrap.

What do you think?  I'd love some feedback.


  1. I think they are fabulous! I am all about the beads, but there is something about J's belt that I really love. The simplicity gives it more feelings. Can a belt have feelings?! I don't know. But the blend of the fibers and beads on all the belts here is fantastic. Keep going!

  2. I love them! They are fabulous! When I grow up, I want to wear one of these every day. Considering that I'm in my late-early 50's, perhaps it's time...I'm constantly in awe of how you stretch yourself creatively!

  3. Thank you all! And these are definitely "Wear NOW!" Bobbie, ou could even start by getting a cloth belt from a thrift shop and embellishing it. Try it!

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